Parenting Children with Autism (eBook)

Parenting Children with Autism (eBook)

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Essential Guide to Understanding Autism (eBook)

An in-depth report on autism has been generated to give you facts about the disorder.  The most recent research will be discussed along with helpful hints in how to communicate, educate, and deal with the stress and confusion that surrounds the world of autism.

Finally a one of a kind guide that answers all the questions the parent or a teacher of an autistic child would have.  Filled with informative literature the reader will get the real facts about autism and learn how to cope with the stress of raising and teaching an autistic child.  You will learn what autism is and you will learn how to deal with the problems associated with it.

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Here is what you will learn inside this guide:

  • The true definition and characteristics of autism.
  • The symptoms of autism and the degree of severity
  • The latest research that gives hope for the discovery of the cause of autism
  • Different educational ideas for the autistic child
  • An in-depth study of the communication and social skill problems of the autistic
  • Myths and misinformation about autism is exposed
  • Resources on where to get support for the parents of autistic children
  • Treatment and diagnoses methods are explained
  • A full explanation about the difference between Asperger’s syndrome and autism
  • How to deal with symptoms like fixation and lack of eye contact
  • And a lot more!

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 Table of Content

Chapter 1 – What Is Autism
Chapter 2 – What Are the Factors that Contribute to Autism 
Chapter 3 – Autism and Genetics
Chapter 4 – What Are the Symptoms of Autism
Chapter 5 – What Are the Speech and Communication Problems of Autism
Chapter 6 – Autism and Body Language
Chapter 7 – Autism, Toxic Metals, and Vaccines 
Chapter 8 – The Cause of Autism Might Be Found in Autistic Mice
Chapter 11 – How Is Autism Diagnosed 
Chapter 12 – Myths about Autism
Chapter 13 – How to Look for Autism Signs in Infants 
Chapter 14 – How Can Families Cope With an Autistic Child and the Financial Burden
Chapter 15 – The Difference Between Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism 
Chapter 16 – Autism Assistance Dogs 
Chapter 17 – Teaching Autistic Children 
Chapter 18 – The Fixation Behavior of an Autistic Child 
Chapter 19 – The Autism Society of America 
Chapter 20 – Childproofing Your Home for Your Autistic Child 
Chapter 21 – Autism and Nutritional Supplements 
Chapter 22- Toilet Training the Autistic Child 
Chapter 23- Difficulties of an Autistic Adult 
Chapter 24 – Alternative Treatments for Autism


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