Heart Smart Activity Tracker
Heart Smart Activity Tracker
Heart Smart Activity Tracker

Heart Smart Activity Tracker

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An incredible peice of kit and an incredible price.

Features and functions 


All-day Activity Tracking 

Track steps, distance and calories burnt 


Sleep Monitoring 

Track length and quality of sleep. Sleep reports silently help you understand your sleep cycle as well as improve your sleeping quality. 


Health Monitoring 

Measure resting heart rate, skin temperature and female physiological cycle. 


Environment Monitoring 

Measure temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure. 


1. Steps 

Steps of walking and running automatically distinguished and are shown separately in column diagram. 


2. Distance 

Length of distance walked is presented in column diagram. 


3. Calories 

Accumulation of calories burnt is shown in column diagram. 


4. Sleep 

Length of sleep in different period is clearly illustrated in column diagram. 


5. Heart Rate and Skin Temperature 

Support on-the-hour measurement of heart rate automatically and manually. Provide real-time data of skin temperature. 


6. Female Physiological Cycle 

Automatically calculate female physiological cycle (different phases of menstrual period) according to physiological parameters set by users. 


7. Temperature, Humidity and Atmospheric Pressure 

Provide real-time data of temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure and relevant tips for improving health. 

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